Women’s Decathlon Association Championship COVID-19 Protocols
Subject to change, Version 2.2 7/21/21

All: - Each person who enters the stadium will have temperature and symptom screening upon entry. - Everyone except athletes will be given a wristband indicating whether or not they have shown proof of full vaccination (blue for fully vaccinated, white for not). 
Masks are required indoors for all people at all times. - Those who are fully vaccinated may remove their masks while outdoors, distancing strongly encouraged at all times. - Those who do not show proof of full vaccination who are over the age of 2 must wear masks at all times except while eating and drinking (see exceptions for athletes below).
Athletes: -Athletes who are not fully vaccinated will need a negative PCR test within 7 days of competition. Masks are not required while warming up, competing, eating or drinking, but are required at all other times. -Fully vaccinated athletes will not need a COVID test, but will have to submit proof of vaccination. Masks are not required outdoors.
Coaches: - No testing is required, see masking requirements above. - Coaches may be on the infield as needed, distancing needs to be maintained as much as reasonably possible.
Officials: - No testing required. In addition to the masking requirements above, officials who are in roles where distancing from athletes cannot be maintained at all times are required to mask while performing those roles, regardless of vaccination status.
Spectators: - No testing required, see masking requirements above. Spectators are encouraged to maintain at least 6 feet of distancing from those outside their household, and will not be allowed on the infield or in restricted competition areas.